As love’s flame burned,

somewhere in the mania of life,

we lost by what means of how to share.

Having achieved…

in comfort, there was no need to question,

no need to rekindle,

just being…

until silently,

love’s mooring line slipped its hold

and it was no longer there.

Our differences evolved

not within how we were anchored

to the banks of the river we once knew,

but in my desire to discover

its source and its end.

From the safety of its shores,

you witnessed waters

from which life was born.

Always at peace

with the ebb and flow

at your feet.

The river’s current

took me on a journey

that you will never understand

and I

could never adequately explain.


once the current took hold,

one journey became two

and there was no return

to the banks we once knew.